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The Dance Hall, Kittery

The Seacoast's premier venue for intimate, diverse music and dance. A nonprofit and historic grange hall in the heart of Kittery Foreside.

The Dance Hall, Kittery

The Dance Hall, Kittery is the Seacoast's premier venue for an intimate, diverse music and dance experience. The Dance Hall is a nonprofit founded in 2011 to inspire and engage people of all ages to experience the joy of music, movement and dance. Weekends are booked with live, on-stage performances and patrons are encouraged to hit the maplewood dance floor. A variety of dance classes for all levels are available midweek.

The Dance Hall is located in the heart of Kittery Foreside in an historic 1928 Grange Hall, creating an authentic, vintage vibe with wonderful acoustics. Affordable ticket prices, a curated lineup of eclectic performances, and welcoming community make The Dance Hall, Kittery one of the most charming experiences north of Boston. Beer and wine available.

“A gem. Open airy, cozy, charming. Dress it up or dress it down, so lucky to have this place in Downtown Kittery.” - Lynn Beck-Sullivan

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