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Event Details

If you've been here you know its a good time with DJs John and Pam. Lots of dancing, some group/line dances break out at whim. John and Pam will walk you thru some simple steps you can try on the spot. Maybe a soul train line? Cha-cha line? Mixing it up, great social event. Newer stuff we like. a bit of disco. requests. Win free tickets for best y2k outfit, best couples dance routine.

No mosh pit, plenty of room. And won’t have to scream to be heard.  Cafe and lounge seating.

The historic Rockingham Ballroom, since 1934. Plenty of space with NH’s largest dance floor in a 8500 sf venue. You can bring your choice of Beverage (BYOB). Light menu, drinks offered. Café and lounge seating. Game room. Located in Newmarket, NH , 15 minutes from Portsmouth, Exeter or Durham.

Venue Information

Rocking(ham) Ballroom
22 Ash Swamp Road
Newmarket, NH 03857

Organizer Information

Rockingham Ballroom

22 Ash Swamp Road
Newmarket, NH 03857
+1 (603) 448-8000

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James Ward
+1 (603) 448-8000
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