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Event Details

A restorative community gathering for creators interested in the arts, healing, and social change

Discover how the warmth of community can rekindle your creative fire!

Join us for a day where we experience how a community of peer support and solidarity can help each of us grow into the next expression of meaningful work and creative expression.

This one-day workshop continues the spirit of the SeaCHANGE Conference—a space to be yourself and make meaningful connections with other creators. Some benefits:

  • Get group support to get clarity and navigate challenges or blocks holding you back
  • Gain inspiration and insights from witnessing each other’s journey, with its challenges, and successes.
  • Connect and deepen relationships with other creators and change makers, exchanging ideas, wisdom, and resources.
  • Spark new ideas and ways to connect and amplify each other’s work.
  • Experience a range of methods to build a vibrant healthy community that you can use in your work and life.

The Format

This workshop will focus on multiple ways to offer and receive peer support and build the strength of this creative community. Beth Tener of Kinship will facilitate, bringing her gifts of weaving community and creating a welcoming environment.

Here’s are some highlights:

  • We’ll hold each other’s stories: the aspirations, challenges, and uncertainties.
  • We’ll work with several processes, including systemic constellations, where the group supports a person to work with a challenge and/or aspiration currently on their plate. When we help one person navigate a challenge, it is helpful for every one of us in some way.
  • We’ll enjoy time for movement, arts, walking the beautiful grounds of Green Acre, and conversations over lunch.
  • We’ll find ways to connect needs and offers to enhance our community’s connections and mutual support.

You’ll leave with more clarity, recharged, and more connected. Let’s see how our individual voices and melodies connect with the harmony of the group to allow new songs (possibilities) to come into fruition.

We don’t want cost to be a barrier for attendance so please reach out to Beth Tener at [email protected] to learn about scholarships.

“Being in a room full of people who are all working towards the same future is so powerful, and it's very moving.”

“There's a lot of generosity - not just giving but there's generosity and receiving. It was just a constant flow of open generosity.”

“To experience this oneness, and the attitudes, in spite of our tremendous diversity is extremely confirming.”

“I am extremely excited for my own artistic journey and I'm excited to continue the conversations and collaborate in ways that I hadn't thought of before. We created a community here—we have that empathetic energy between each other so we give and gain that creative energy.”

“I look at each person and it feels like my heart is smiling. It’s been smiling all weekend. It's also been breathing so deeply; I breathe so deeply here.”

“I look around the circle and know I have all these pillars of hope. Anybody in the circle I can call to be reminded who I am and who I am meant to be. We can all be those pillars of hope for each other, to remind each other who we are not who the world tells us to be.”

“Artists are the servants of humanity. Humanity is desperate for what the artists have to offer because the artists actually awaken the spirit in other people. And spirit is what is needed.”

“It felt really nice to feel supported; that's something I don't feel I have enough of because I'm so used to doing things on my own.”

This gathering particularly welcomes Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) creators, as well as community members of all cultural backgrounds who are actively engaged in the arts, community building, social justice, inclusion, spirituality, and/or leadership work with children, youth, or adults. If you are committed to transformational conversations and change-making work, this space is for you!

Venue Information

Green Acre | A Baha'i Center of Learning
61 Green Acre Drive
Eliot, ME 03903

Organizer Information

Green Acre

61 Green Acre Drive
Eliot, ME 03903
+1 (207) 439-7200

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