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Event Details

Forget online dating and Endless swiping. Get out there and mingle with like minded people. Meet, mix, & dance. Celebrate St. Patrick's day. We will have ice breakers, 2 dance lessons- free, swing and Caribbean cha-cha. Some games and prizes. And of course dancing with our guest DJ on our 4000 sf dance floor. Diverse age group. just $20. bring your choice of beverage (BYOB). Light menu and soft drinks. 7-12

7pm- Doors open -

715- swing dance lesson

8pm- complimentary small buffet

9pm- Caribbean Cha cha lesson

10pm- soul train dance line and prizes

11pm- Complimentary Coffee/tea and sweets

12pm- head out with your new friend ': - )

Venue Information

Rocking(ham) Ballroom
22 Ash Swamp Road
Newmarket, NH 03857

Organizer Information

Rockingham Ballroom

22 Ash Swamp Road
Newmarket, NH 03857
(603) 448-8000

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James Ward
(603) 448-8000
[email protected]