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The Milque Pilgrimage: A Path To The Stone Church Led by Skunk Jesus

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT


Event Details

Embark on "The Milque Pilgrimage," a mesmerizing music residency every Wednesday night from 8-10pm at The Stone Church, nestled in the heart of Newmarket, NH.

Experience the sounds of Skunk Jesus, a band that emerged from the creative minds of Riley Stockwell and Mike Dettorre in 2015. Together with a rotating cast of top musicians from New England, they create an improvisational art form that delves into the unknown, transforming initial ideas into fully formed pieces of music on the spot. Drawing inspiration from free jazz, psychedelia, and experimental grooves, Skunk Jesus offers a dark and whimsical journey into uncharted musical territories.

And now, as a new venture, Skunk Jesus joins forces with the band "Milque," adding the talented bassist Shon Gordon to their lineup. Witness the fusion of Skunk Jesus's unique approach to improv with Riley, Mike, and Shon's innovative music and writing styles.

Throughout "The Milque Pilgrimage," we'll be keeping the spirit alive with special guests, experimenting with new music, and exploring the realms of improvisation. Each night promises to be fresh, captivating, and unpredictable.

Find your way to The Stone Church at 5 Granite Street by following Church Street between Kennebunk Savings and the post office. Our dirt parking lot awaits you at the end of a sharp left turn followed by a hairpin right. The Stone Church stands tall, ready to welcome you.

Don't miss this immersive experience as we venture into uncharted musical territories. Join us for "The Milque Pilgrimage" and let the magic of live music envelop your senses. See you there! 

Venue Information

The Stone Church
5 Granite Street
Newmarket, NH 03857

Organizer Information

The Stone Church

5 Granite Street
Newmarket, NH 03857
(603) 659-7700

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