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Monsoon | Gaud | Kill-Kennie


Monsoon is a two-piece indie rock band from Athens, Georgia who weave together unorthodox styles to create music that dips between the conscious and subconscious. Their new album Ghost Party is now available on all streaming platforms. After the release of Monsoon's debut album “Ride A’Rolla” the band garnered the attention of Toyota and were contacted about using the title track for a Toyota Corolla commercial. From there, the placement landed a spot just after the 2016 Super Bowl half-time show and the band was invited to participate in the world’s first “360 multi-cam music video” launched by Google. Between the reach of the placements and touring, Monsoon gained a small cult-like following along the East Coast. Now, after the release of Ghost Party in 2022, Monsoon stays busy, relentlessly touring up and down the East Coast, Midwest, and Canada with the left side of America on the horizon for Spring 2024. 


Formed in NH in 2020 Gaud is a music and arts project with a focus on the exploration of stories and emotion through sound. They put out their first EP in 2022 called “Gold Mine”, which is but a section of a larger story that will be released as a full-length in Spring of 2024. 

Gaud is interested in growth and the path that it takes. So free and undetermined, despite all efforts to chart its course. Songs and themes flow together as to emulate the overlapping of life’s ventures. Coincidence and fate are the same. A gaud is a purely ornamental item by definition. Be it a traditional ornament that sparks togetherness and shines a light on the path. Or just a glimmer that passes by. 

Gaud is Alex Powers, John Funk, Sam Tassey, Derek Prestone, and Devin Cox. All working and living in New England. Connected by a deep passion for music, and a joint focus on perfecting their craft. They weave their stories and perform them 

for all who hear. 


Kill-Kennie is a droney, dreamy, indie rock band from Portsmouth NH. The band is the project of singer songwriter Austin Kennie who is inspired by artist like the Velvet Underground, Stereolab, and Pavement. Joined by his best pals Sam Salvati, Ian Child, and Emma Jacobson, the group plays music that will sonically envelope your ears, and bring energy into a space. The songs range from emotional experiences, to fun rockin tunes about Austin's cat Cooper. The band will be fresh off releasing their first full EP Freakshow in early May. 

$10 General Admission

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Venue Information

The Dance Hall, Kittery
7 Walker Street
Kittery, ME 03904

Organizer Information

The Dance Hall, Kittery

7 Walker Street
Kittery, ME 03904

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