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Mephiskapheles, the band that helped define third-wave ska, then defied critics by exploring even greater possibilities with its darkly original ska fusion, forges ahead with amazing shows and a new full-length record in the works.

Formed in the East Village of New York City in 1991 by a group of punk rockers/artists/ad guys/jazz musicians, Mephiskapheles played its first show on Long Island. From day one, the band began attracting a diverse, dedicated fan base. Sold-out NYC gigs led to tours with the Buzzcocks and GWAR, and hits on the Hawaiian Islands Chart with three singles from the band's first album, 1994's God Bless Satan, produced by Bill Laswell.

While touring relentlessly, Mephiskapheles followed-up in 1997 with Maximum Perversion, a jazz-influenced work that didn't take long to be hailed as a classic. A deal in 1999 with Koch Records resulted in the band's hard-hitting, exploratory third album, Might-Ay White-Ay. The band released the self-titled EP Mephiskapheles in 2015, featuring the single "Satan Stole My Weed," an instant classic. The Never Born Again EP, released in 2019, brings the band back full circle to its dark and melodic roots.

Fronted by lead singer Invidious aka the Nubian Nightmare, along with the hottest rhythm section in New York, and the Horns of Hell, Mephiskapheles spreads its evil seed with an ongoing reissue program, epic shows, and new music to be released this year.

Attitude fueled by rock and roll and punk ethics gives life to El Grande‘s original brand of ska. A fixture in the talented Portland, Maine music scene, El Grande has been playing shows throughout the Northeast for the past decade, winning over ska purists and skeptics of the punk scene. The group delivers high energy concerts and tight songs in their live performances, always proving to be memorable and unpredictable.

With major ska influences including The SlackersThe Aggrolites and The Pietasters, El Grande also reaches into the rock and roll breed with echoes of The Rolling Stones, J. Geils Band and The Clash.

In 2007, El Grande released their debut album, Crosstown Rivals, featuring six original tunes. In early 2016, El Grande released their all-original EP, Bayside Story.

The band’s newest record, Brick City Sound, was released June 9, 2019. Listen here.

In January 2021, El Grande released a reggae version of “Love Gone Wrong” off Brick City Sound called “Love Gone Reggae“.

The Outsiders PBR

Though the lineup of players may have changed over the last 20 years and hundreds of shows,

the resolve remains the same: "R.N.R.A.D.Y." - an acronym for their collective mantra, "Rock n

Roll Ain't Dead Yet".

Comprised of a fiery hybrid of punk rock, metal, surf and hillbilly performed with such fervor that

will surely have many a passer-by nodding slowly in agreement.

A power trio led by Elvirus H. Christ666, a wild man- a wild card, if you will- delivers hiccupy

vocal hellfire while slinging one of his over-driven Gretsches, or one of his handmade,

custom-built guitars.

Matt "Saint Backdraft" Bartlett, Esquire a full time fire-fighter in New Hampshire and recent

Law School graduate, slaps a home made upright comprised of a human skeleton. The rhythmic

slapping and thunderous low end of "Rigormort-bass" is a sight -and sound- to be experienced.

The backbone to the rhythm section is tequilla sippin', punk rockin', syncopatin' drum phenom,

Mark “Saint Merk of Diabetia” Thompson.

Together, this....this...AMALGAM of gritty music, truly embodies its own mantra...Rock n roll

AIN'T dead yet...but if it WERE, it'd be kicking and screaming on its way out the door.

Venue Information

The Stone Church
5 Granite Street
Newmarket, NH 03857

Organizer Information

The Stone Church

5 Granite Street
Newmarket, NH 03857
+1 (603) 659-7700

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