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Event Details

Step right up to a most vibrant and lively celebration—the Little Italy Carnival, where the spirit of festivity fills the air with laughter and cheer!

Marvel at acrobats defying gravity, jugglers showcasing their incredible skills, and a host of festive performers who will keep you entertained throughout your visit. It's a celebration for all ages, where families come together to embrace the joy of togetherness and create cherished memories.

As part of Portsmouth’s 400th anniversary, the Little Italy Carnival pays homage to the spirit of the displaced residents of Portsmouth’s lost but not forgotten Little Italy. As a special highlight, the feast portion this 400th anniversary Signature Event presents an opportunity to hear the oral history of the descendants of the Italian families who once called the North End their home their oral histories and connect with the rich heritage that still resonates within the community.

The Little Italy Carnival taking place at the Granite State Minerals Park is from 11 - 430. All timed segments include Boston Circus Guild performers, Sages Entertainment, many family activities, live music and Food for purchase. The latest segment (2 - 4:30) features A cooking competition with local chefs. Please sign up for only one segment and arrive within 30 minutes of your ticketed entry time. If you arrive beyond 30 minutes of your arrival time, your tickets may be released to the public. Please notify us if you have reserved tickets but are unable to attend.

  • Segment 1: 11AM-1:30PM
  • Segment 2: 12-2:30PM
  • Segment 3: 2-4:30PM
  • Neighborhood Feast: 6-9PM ($10 ticket)

For inquiries, email [email protected].

The Little Italy Carnival is a Signature Event of Portsmouth NH 400.

Venue Information

Location: Granite State Minerals Inc
227 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Organizer Information

Little Italy Celebrations

59 Penhallow Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

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