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Event Details

There are two very important reasons to share in this intimate evening of music with us:

  1. This show will serve as the album release party for Glenn's new record, "Vade Mecum" (Thrill Jockey).
  2. This show will also serve as the first gig our good friend (and yours), Greg Baldi (of Comma fame) will play in what feels like forever. He'll be doing an instrumental set of guitar-driven soundscapes, which ought to be wildly fascinating.

Tickets are limited, so don't sleep on getting them early.

About Glenn Jones:

Glenn Jones is a unique player in the world of solo guitar music. Steeped in both American Primitive guitar music as well as rock and experimental music, Glenn Jones creates rich sonic tapestries with a distinct and stirring voice. Endlessly curious, Jones has spent the better part of four decades exploring the boundaries of expression and storytelling with the guitar and banjo. On Vade Mecum, Jones draws on his personal history to tell stories with elaborate musical detail and emotional weight. Exploring the complexity of personal experience, emotions, and our shared histories, Vade Mecum finds Jones painting his music in boundaryless colors, captivatingly vivid.

Jones’ recordings are indelible to his surroundings. Vade Mecum was recorded in March of 2021 on Mount DesertIsland in Maine with longtime collaborator Matthew Azevado. The crisp, thin Atlantic air seeps its way into Jones’playing. “Forsythia” moves with the lanquidity of a persistent winter keeping the spring flowers from blooming. After delaying the recording for a full year and bringing on Azevado to fill the shoes of Jones’ usual engineer, Laura Baird, the album took altogether different shapes than what Jones had initially intended. New pieces that spoke more to Jones’ moment emerged and shouldered out others. The challenges and triumphs of a world recapitulating but altogether changed is thoroughly interrogated in the liminal spaces highlighted by Jones throughout the album.

Glenn Jones’ music draws from a deep well of reflection and memory. Vade Mecum revels in the profoundidiosyncrasies and contradictions inherent to the act of remembering and the people remembered. Jones summons luminous detail from the complicated web of emotions intrinsically bonded to memories of loved ones, unfamiliar places, and elusive feelings alike. “It’s a fact of life that as we age, we’ll lose people we love,” concludes Jones. “Vade Mecum contains pieces dedicated to a few of these. Though there is melancholy in such losses, my album is intended to celebrate, not just mourn.”

Venue Information

Button Factory Stage
909 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Organizer Information

WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio

909 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
+1 (603) 430-9722

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