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Dreaming Again

Sunday, March 26, 2023 • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

$26.00 - $30.00

Event Details

In 2012, New Hampshire Humanities commissioned playwright Genevieve Aichele to write a play based on the real life stories of refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire. The result was the play Dreaming Again, which Aichele based on oral interviews with over 40 people who had left homes and lives in other countries to resettle in New Hampshire. Dreaming Again was performed by the NHTP across the state of New Hampshire to primarily adult audiences.

     In 2013, NHTP collaborated with the Mariposa Museum in Peterborough to bring Dreaming Again to a new audience, this time middle and high school students and teachers and school staff. That pilot brought Dreaming Again to 16 schools as well as to community audiences in Portsmouth and Peterborough. In 2023, NHTP will again be collaborating with Mariposa Museum, who will be coordinating the school tour across New Hampshire.


Touring New Hampshire March 27 through April 8

This project has been funded by the Eppes-Jefferson Foundation

    David Ward, Co-Executive Director of the Eppes-Jefferson Foundation are supporting this production and tour of Dreaming Again. David says, “The Eppes-Jefferson Foundation believes that the arts should inspire, educate, and entertain, while honoring the past and foreshadowing the future. Dreaming Again hits all of these marks, and more, including exposing thousands of New Hampshire students to professional level musical theatre.”

Venue Information

New Hampshire Theatre Project
959 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Organizer Information

New Hampshire Theatre Project

959 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-6644

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